Technological developments

Increasing the use of digitalization will be a transformational enabler for WINCOLTD, supporting the realization of its strategy. Digitization will improve team productivity and customer experience, as well as support the Circular Economy of plastics, creating new and profitable business solutions.

Helps the business collaborate with end users and digital professionals to seek solutions to clearly defined business opportunities. The program aims to create additional business value by applying agile working principles and design thinking throughout the project lifecycle.

When reviewing ideas, the program aims to score each one consistently, unbiasedly, and transparently on three key factors: business viability (Should we?), technological feasibility (Can we?), and user appeal (Do users want it?). All this takes place in an innovative environment where business and technical know-how are combined in collaborative teams, focused on building, learning and adapting along the way, and focusing on the real business value they are aiming for.

Digital Studio projects have the following stages:

  • 01 Capture: Identify business opportunity or customer/employee "pain point" by capturing digital ideas from user conversations and organization-wide.
  • 02 Concept: Identify how to solve the identified problem by choosing the best digital ideas, validating the customer's pain point, and developing the initial business plan.
  • 03 Prototype: develop a prototype and run a proof of concept for the idea.
  • 04 Launch and scale: launch business, run day-to-day operations and scale up.